Fisherman’s Dawta Taking over!

Long time readers will remember my gushing review’s of Loretta Coffee and Tea. It found the perfect balance between cafe, restaurant, urban sanctuary, coffee, milk and of course price. I was horrified to see in my recent Boeurm Hill visit that it’s been torn out from our neighborhood, and replaced by an equally cute soon-to-come “fisherman’s Dawta”, type cafe. I peered behind the coming attractions posters and saw they hadn’t even changed the layout. Basically it looks exactly like Loretta’s Coffee and Tea except it’s been painted light blue. Is that going to work? Are people going to all of a sudden flock here now because there’s light blue paint. How much can they possible optimize on Loretta’s that would make them think they can stay in business longer? I guess we’ll soon find out!


One thought on “Fisherman’s Dawta Taking over!”

  1. Well…It’s not a coffee shop. So there’s also that difference. :)
    I live nearby, and I was super excited to realize that not only is it a Jamaican restaurant, but it’s owned by the same woman who had Brawta. Had some awesome curry red snapper and it’s byob in the garden. I’ll be bringing a 6pack next time if I can resist thier lemonade…

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